UPDATE - the auction was a great success. Seet Dance, Mums4Refugees and The Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre were co-hosts and we were able to raise a record amount for Mums4Refugees! Thank you everyone for your support and hard work.

Trio A With Rabbits was a dance/art happening performed by Seet Dance students.

Original artworks have been donated to accompany this event by celebrated visual artists from Australia and New York.

All artworks are for sale via auction as a fundraiser for refugee families in Australia. The auction is scheduled for 6.30pm on Tuesday 18th June 2019 and will be held at The Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre studio, above the Surry Hills Library. Contact charemaine@gmail.com for more details.

Below is a catalogue of the artworks for sale

Thank you to all the wonderful artists for their generosity …



oh rabbit — artist: Gary Deirmendjian

oh rabbit — artist: Gary Deirmendjian

Using aged and splintered wood found on the street, the artist has created a makeshift ode to the rabbit graffiti on the Berlin Wall. The sculpture, 75cm x 52cm, is meant to be suspended. Like many of Deirmendjian's artworks, "oh rabbit" is marvellously inventive. Once suspended, the piece will be agitated by air movement, and become accompanied by enlivened rabbit shadows cast on the walls about.  

He states “The nature of the rustic construct and its ghostly shadows may at once allude to the notion of the makeshift conditions of wall and enforced separation that allowed the rabbits to thrive, as well as to the attitudinal change leading to the destruction of such, that lead to their torturous demise. All intents may lead to some unintended incidentals it seems.”



Hunting Standard Rabbit — Mark Dion

Hunting Standard Rabbit — Mark Dion

Hunting Standards Rabbit


Screen Print on Coloured Felt

16 in X 20 in ( 41cm X 51cm)

Edition number: AP 1/8


about the work …

In Hunting Standards, Dion addresses “hunting as a cultural practice that is rich in traditions, passionately pursued, and highly controversial.” His major concern is with the power of knowledge in a field like hunting, where expertise means the assured destruction of life. The cartoon-like aesthetic of these banners, silk screen prints from an edition of 20, adds a compelling visual twist to Dion’s invocation of the 19th-century cabinet-of-curiosities.

dead rabbit (offset print edition) - artist: Mark Dion

dead rabbit (offset print edition) - artist: Mark Dion

offset print edition (XX/XXX)

laminated card

21cm X 29.5cm



Beastliness — artist : Deborah Kelly

Beastliness — artist : Deborah Kelly

Deborah reproduced this image as a screen print on silk fabric.

It is 102cm X 150cm on silk charmeuse with a pocket at the top for hanging (like for a curtain rod)



etching — artist : Luke Sciberras  (donated by Whaling Road Studios)

etching — artist : Luke Sciberras

(donated by Whaling Road Studios)

This etching is donated to our fundraiser by Whaling Road Studios.

It is approximately 560 x760mm. M



We Are What You Make Us — artist : Travis De Vries

We Are What You Make Us — artist : Travis De Vries

acrylic on canvas

50cm X 40cm

Sydney-based artist Travis De Vries , the 2018 NSW Aboriginal Arts Fellow

Working across painting, contemporary dance, choreography, music and writing, De Vries has been a practicing artist since 2006, having trained in Fine Arts at Deakin University and in dance at NAISDA Dance College. In his works, De Vries takes the traditional ideas and mythologies of the Gamilaroi people and spins them with the folklore of the world to create a new story. He explains, ‘I am exploring the melting pot of ideas in the intersection of western mythologies with Aboriginal spirituality that is a relatively new combination when placed against the 40,000+ year of Australian cultural history…There is a fusion when two cultures exist together, an ebb and flow of ideas and belief or the violent clash of opposing ideals.



One rabbit Ear — artist: Kylie Innocente

One rabbit Ear — artist: Kylie Innocente

One Rabbit Ear by Kylie Innocente

This shawl was freestyle hand knitted using wool from Germany and Canada, countries who do not detain refugees in camps. The blue BFL wool, a rare breed in Australia, was used to highlight the richness of the fabric when integrating different fibres and colours.

One Rabbit Ear - detail

One Rabbit Ear - detail

some background to Kylie and her work …

In the late nineties, Kylie Innocente worked as an occupational therapist and psycho therapist. She set up specialist mental health services in London and Treviso. She worked with refugees from Africa and the Balkan States. After 11 years working overseas she returned home to Australia to start a family and a new career in knitwear designing.

Recently, she was invited by the Royal North Shore Hospital to work with severely traumatised refugees from Manus Island Detention Centre.



Freedom Dancer - artist: Samantha Tidbeck

Freedom Dancer - artist: Samantha Tidbeck

Freedom Dancer - detail

Freedom Dancer - detail

Freedom Dancer by Samantha Tidbeck.

acrylic on cardboard

100cm X 65cm

Freedom Dancer - detail

Freedom Dancer - detail

Samantha lives and works in Sydney.

more of Samantha’s work: https://www.instagram.com/samanthatidbeck/?hl=en

My entire childhood artwork was an anthropomorphism of rabbits, bears and goats but above all rabbits. The metaphor of the Berlin Wall, its lost “rabbit children”, is a bittersweet and intriguingly gentle visual metaphor.

Samantha Tidbeck


Rabbit Love - artist: Martyn Thompson

Rabbit Love - artist: Martyn Thompson

Rabbit Love

by Martyn Thompson

textile applique   

210cm  X 138cm

Martyn Thompson is a photographer based in New York City who specializes in still life, interior, beauty, accessory, fashion, and travel photography. Martyn Thompson was born in England but grew up in Sydney, Australia. He graduated school in 1982 and moved to New York City. Then Thompson started to paint fabrics, turned them into skirts, and sold them at a boutique. He began to take photographs of his designs and became interested in photography.


Rabbit Love - detail

Rabbit Love - detail

Rabbit Love - detail

Rabbit Love - detail