Georgie, Mother of two students at Seet Dance

Dear Charemaine, 

Your unique ability to fill every child with confidence, your skills at developing other aspects of the dancers' lives is extraordinary. You buoy all children in your dance school! 

The atmosphere you create at dance class is so inclusive, encouraging and stimulating that my children's self-esteem and feelings of self-value have soared since coming to your dance classes. - Georgie


Ruth, Mother of Scarlett & Barnaby

Charemaine is extremely rigorous in her approach; her dance classes are serious but also a serious amount of fun. The lessons are set to interesting, age-appropriate music and the children are engaged and active for the entire lesson.

No lesson is ever the same—boredom and repetition of the same old dance steps have no place in this dance school. My children are acquiring knowledge about dance theory, its history and cultural significance while learning to move their bodies in expressive technical ways.

I get an absolute thrill out of watching my children learning from Charemaine, my children practice the techniques that she is teaching them and incorporate their dance skills into their play.

In attending this unique dance class weekly for 2 years, I have seen my children progress steadily and their love of dance evolve into something which I can see staying with them for a life time.

Seet Dance for Life!


My son loves this class 

A truly creative dance class that’s all about learning to appreciate what can happen when your body and your imagination come together. Charemaine is a born teacher who exudes enthusiasm and a sense of fun as well as a dancer’s discipline. My son smiles throughout!  –  Cate 


Seet Dance: a gem 

Our daughter loved to dance but could do with some inspiration and guidance. We found Seet Dance and Charemaine’s classes turned out to be an absolute gem. Charemaine is a fabulous teacher, both in terms of pedagogy and the technicalities of dance, who does magic with every type of child. I love the fact that the classes are not just classical ballet but a mix of styles. The music is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. And the relaxation exercise at the end of some of the classes is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!  – Linda from Surry Hills


A great teacher, fantastic classes 

Our Ivy has grown both as a dancer and in self esteem after a year of dancing with Charemaine. The classes are serious with plenty of scope for self expression and fun. I highly recommend Seet Dance. If we only do one activity, this would be it.  –  Diane