In Charemaine's ballet classes kids develop technique while still being creative and enjoying a variety of movement. They will be nurtured in a non-competitive atmosphere and appreciated for their individuality. Students are not subject to the pressure of grading or examinations. They are allowed to develop a love of classical ballet on their own terms. They develop discipline and poise through the rigor of the class and not through criticism and negative imagery. The classes are designed to support their training as contemporary dancers. 


Class Timetable


Friday 3.45 to 4.45pm  (Enrollment Closed)

BASIC BALLET for 6 - 9 yrs 


Friday 4.45 to 6.00pm  (waiting list)

BALLET for 9 - 14 yrs


Term1 runs from 2 February to 13 April and the fee is $240

Please note that we dance on public holidays unless otherwise indicated.